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The Study Programs of Information Science within the School of Media qualifies information specialists for research, system development, information architecture, management, media, and libraries. Students get to know the classical and modern models, procedures and systems by which knowledge may be structured, retrieved and applied. They learn how to use, manage and design complex information services and how to structure content - oriented at the user's needs.

Information Science helps to answer the information economy’s need for higher education and research because of its multidisciplinarity. The students are taught how to analyze information and communication processes in companies and government institutions. Methods of Information Science and analyses of sector structures of the information economy are also a main focus of research and teaching in an information science institution like the Department of Information and Knowledge Management in Darmstadt.

Moreover, the creation and marketing of multimedia value-added services is in the center of teaching of this department - e. g. multimedia websites connected to databases. Information science as taught in Darmstadt deals with theory and practice of information management - thus being similar to Business Administration Studies on the basis of Information Technology Studies.

The concepts of information science play a decisive role for the following problems:

  • Which online- and internal information sources are appropriate for the demands of decision makers in different departments of firms and organisations?
  • How to use information technology - like databases and intranets - to make information faster accessible and better compatible with the needs of the target groups.
  • How to structure and classify information by means of thesauri, semantic webs and classification systems.

Information Science as tought in Darmstadt is similar to many Library and Information Science (LIS) studies in the English-speaking world, however with the strong focus on information technology. In Darmstadt we try to closely cooperate with the following disciplines (for which Schools and Study Programs exist at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences with its over 12.000 students):

  • Economics&Business (Business School)
  • Communication sciences („Online-Journalism“ at the School of Media)
  • Media Design & Development („Digital Media“ at the School of Media)
  • Computer-Science&Informatics (School of Informatics)
  • School of Social and Cultural Studies
  • Engineering Schools (several departments)

This sums up to eleven Schools with more than 80 study progams at bachelor, master and PhD level.

Information for Prospective Students

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