Job Profile

Job Profile

In today's constantly changing society the term „information“ becomes a key word in every area of professional and private life. Companies in completely different branches have an increasing demand for fast, reliable and well-edited information.

Information specialists professionally deal with collecting, selecting, classifying, editing, restructuring and presenting information from all aspects of human knowledge.

Companies are increasingly presenting themselves on the World Wide Web. Therefore information specialists of our department learn all basic technologies for publishing on the Web. Their knowledge of business administration and economics is not restricted to a specific branch. Information specialists, however, can predominantly be found in consultancies, banks and insurance companies as well as in the computing industry. Also publishing and broadcasting companies, database producers, hosts (providers of online-databases), enterprises in chemical engineering and the pharmaceutical industry have a large demand for our graduates for their information management.

The main activities of our information specialists in daily business are the following:

  • To find information in classical archives, libraries, on CD-ROMs and other traditional internal information sources
  • To find online-information in professional online-services like the DIALOG, DATASTAR, LEXIS-NEXIS, and Search Engines on the World Wide Web,
  • To analyze print- and online-media as well as radio and TV programs
  • To edit and to structure information
  • To build-up and to administer database-systems
  • To distribute information over the Intranet and the Internet
  • To plan and create web-presentations (web-design)
  • To support intranets for in-house knowledge management
  • To take part in organizational tasks of information management.

A successful information specialist in our understanding is a generalist who, in addition to his information knowledge, has the ability to acquire, to evaluate and refine knowledge of many sectors of the economy or the society. Furthermore he should bring along soft skills like the ability to work in a team, to present, to communicate and to solve conflicts.