Career Prospects


Career Prospects

The need of many sectors of the economy for information specialists trained by university standards is already large and should even increase in the future. In the medium run the information branch should be one of Germany's “job machines”. The situation in the labor market for information specialists should improve further during the next years.

Industry itself and service companies of many sectors of the economy should have a high demand for information specialists in the near future in order to close the gap between graduates of business administration (with their rather limited knowledge in information technology) and graduates of computer science (with their limited knowledge in business administration). Our IuW-Department in Darmstadt tries to close this gap by training the students in both fields. Particularly the smaller service companies should have a growing demand for information specialists; for so far they often do not have well developed departments for information and documentation or for information and/or knowledge management.

Companies offer our students internships where they can participate in project-studies; or they offer them interesting projects during their diploma semester. Due to the positive experiences with students of information management of the University of Applied Sciences of Darmstadt in the last 20 years, these companies are highly interested in taking on information specialists in the future.

The companies particularly appreciate the business administration knowledge and the special knowledge of information-management in firms. But they also value the students' ability for teamwork and their competence in solving problems. The career prospects are being improved by the fact that information specialists are particularly fit to work in various branches like the following:

  • consulting firms
  • banking and insurance companies
  • content aggregators (Hosts), information providers and services
  • search engine companies, electronic portals and shops
  • chemical and pharmaceutical companies, patent offices
  • publishing and broadcasting companies, news agencies
  • communication departments of all kind of companies and institutions
  • communication agencies
  • archives, exhibitions, museums.

Beyond that, information specialists will also find jobs in quite new and particularly promising, future-oriented branches such as information-brokerage or online-editing.